We’ve set up a few ways for you to help us raise much needed funds for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Hull Women and Children’s Hospital.

Firstly, the just giving page has been up for a few months now, you can donate here with a credit/debit card or paypal. www.justgiving.com/Lee-Scruton

Say it with a text:
A text number is also available… Simple text your donations of between £1 and £10 to 70070 using the code JKFB54. For example, text JKFB54 £5 to 70070.

Fish ‘n’ chip in!
If your in or around Hornsea or if you’ll be there on the 31st May to welcome us back, then why not pop in and treat yourself to some of East Yorkshires finest Fish ‘n’ chips! Butterworths on Cliff road Hornsea are currently holding a prize draw in conjunction with the ride. All proceeds go to the Neonatal ICU and the winner will win fish ‘n’ chips for a year. Added to this, Butterworths will also donate a percentage of the takings for Friday the 31st May. So come see us in, grab some grub and help the Neonatal unit… It’s Hornsea so your guaranteed sunshine (possibly)!

Special Sponser Spectacular:
SponserUK have, apart from helping us power through the miles, very kindly offered us a fantastic opportunity to not only raise added cash for the charity but to also offer you lot a great deal. If sports nutrition is you bag then you’ll no doubt have noticed Sponser sports foods fueling some of the worlds top elite athlete’s, so why not visit www.SponserUK.com for advice and info on how sports nutrition could benefit you. Whilst your there, browse the products (strawberry and banana recovery drink is a personal favorite), fill your basket and enter the code ‘BABY UNIT’! You’ll get a healthy 10% off your purchase and SponserUK will also donate 10% to the Neonatal ICU… Win, Win!

Give and eat cake:
A sponsor form is available at ‘The RowanTree cafe‘ in Bridlington. Pop in, pledge your cash and then sit and enjoy East Yorkshires finest coffee and cakes!

If your still struggling to find a way to donate, then why not grab one of us, we’ll probably have a Sponsor form with us.


Nearly there!


Just 2 weeks left until we hit the start line in Southport, and only 1 week left to train before we taper off and prepare our legs and mind for the journey ahead. We are about to see if we’ve trained hard enough and if those hours in the saddle, the time spent in interval hell and all that winter riding has been productive. It does feel, already, like the challenge is about finished and we are yet to turned a crank in anger. The next update should be the write up of the ride itself so thankyou all from everyone involved in ‘No Sleep Till Hornsea’ for reading our ramblings thus far and hopefully the write up at the end will be a triumphant affair.

Bridlington update: It really is a great feeling when you beat something – or at least not get beaten by something. The hill that would have brought the granny ring out in the best of us, is now a regular training aid, a mission conquered on many occasions. Slowly I’ve shifted from a lowly mid 40’s strava placing to a very respectable 8th, (and there are some quick boys and girls around here!) each time I aim at that crest I feel stronger, faster… Better? Pedal technique has massively improved and has quite possibly been the biggest factor in any gains I’ve seen. Going slightly further and exploring more of the Wolds has also opened up so many potential XC routes and my drive is now to get this 210 miles finished, swap to the XC tyres and hit those new sections. A mysterious track leading through woodland on a very interesting looking slope is first on the list!
If you missed it, here is a link to our article from last weeks Bridlington Freepress.

Hull update: Busy times in Hull as they take on the lions share of the organization and logistics. While I race barn owls around the countryside, Lee has managed to get us into the Hull Daily Mail (check it out here) and he’s also convince a few TPT rangers to guide us on the trickier sections, so combined with John chipping in with his mastery of the spreadsheet and using his jedi like skills on Excel we now have a decent idea of how the ride will pan out. Timings calculated, variables adjusted and accounted for and with alternative (backup) plans thought through, we should be in good shape to hit our 24 hour target.
Lee and John have both been putting in the miles too! Lee confessing that John was pushing him so hard up their hill intervals that he nearly cried (honest)!

Remember to check out our just giving page www.justgiving.com/Lee-Scruton and you’ll find all the details you’ll need to donate!

Oh and finally, don’t forget to visit the great people over at SponserUK! The code ‘BABY UNIT’ is still valid and as well as getting 10% off your order, SponserUK will also donate 10% of your order to the Neonatal intensive care unit!

4 weeks to go!


The last month has disappeared in a blur of photo shoots, emails, training and ill kids. The team met up a few times over the last month for a couple of photo calls which hopefully will be in the press soon to help us raise more for the Neonatal intensive care unit. One shoot took place at the Hull Women and Children’s hospital with a few of the nurses and midwives which was excellent, the results should be in the Hull Daily Mail shortly!
The talking is all but done and the task of completing the challenge is on the horizon. Are you ready? Have you donated? Get to www.justgiving.com/Lee-Scruton and find out how to donate today!

News from Bridlington: It’s still all systems go… Training is going pretty well and after a few new parts the bike is running great. I’ve had to change my plans a little and rethink the set up of the bike, but thanks to Stu over at Bobs Bikes in Hull and Paul at Weldtite, I’m confident it’ll be more then ready come the 30th!
The legs seem to be working fine after all those bugs at the beginning of the year so it’s game on over the last 3 weeks of training. I must admit, I just want to get out and ride it now, I already have one eye on the next set of challenges as I turn my attentions toward racing some big endurance events.

News from Hull: With half the Transpennine Trail done over the last few weeks, Lee and John are starting to build up a picture of how the ride will unfold. What better way to select checkpoints then to get out there and ride it… and ride it they have! Through the wind, rain and freezing temperatures, mapping our route and noting any tricky sections, they’ve at last been rewarded with a week of dry, calm and bright weather. Only last night they ventured out toward the Pennines and out toward Penistone, I’m awaiting their report but from Lee’s Strava, it looks like they had fun!

I’ve mentioned in previous updates about how all 3 of us have differing approaches to training, so to compliment Lee’s excellent update a month or so back I thought I’d go through my ‘usual’ training regime.
For me, plans and set schedules never seem to stick. I’ve never been to a gym and don’t worry about how I eat. As a general rule we eat well as a family, my wife is a tremendous cook and I’m lucky enough to have 2 boys who will try just about anything. Moderation (not including fox’s crunch creams) and balance keep me slim, healthy and filled with enough fuel to push me through long rides with relative ease. Good nutrition and an understanding of the type of ‘fuel’ your using is just part and parcel of life… Discovering new fuels is part of the fun! On rides I use Sponser Competition, usually a slightly weaker mix (2 scoops in 750ml bottle) to really just hydrate rather then boost. If the ride is heading past the 3 hour mark then food is essential and I usually carry a Sponser Liquid energy or long energy in the pocket. If I’m out of gels or if I think I might need extra, then a slice of malt loaf does wonder’s for the legs and spirits over those last few climb’s.
Training on the bike is ever changing and depends heavily on the weather, work and if the little one is staying in bed! I try for 3 evenings a week in the saddle and that can range from a leisurely ride around town with a few traffic light and hill sprints, a ride out toward the Wolds for some longer climbs and longer steady zone 2 miles (a chance to take in some excellent view’s) or an evening of sweaty punishment on the turbo. Again, like the diet, exercise is something I include into everyday life. Walking to the train station instead of driving, taking the family exploring or having walks along the fantastic Yorkshire coast instead of sitting in front of the idiot box. Anything that raises the heart rate brings a smile and pushing a buggy up Church Ravine, Filey is a great workout and the best way to compensate for that ice cream. As the nights get longer and my usual trails recover from the extended cold snap my rides will change again. Being out for longer and getting away from the roads, into some really tough and loose climbs, working on a more technical side of riding by taking on some of my favorite/scary descents is what keeps me riding. Pushing myself is something I find fun so it happens naturally during my rides, add in a little strava and I have every thing I need to push myself physically and mentally.
So how will being awake for 24hrs affect the ride? Well, I hope the training I had with 2 young boys and the sleepless nights followed by long full days at work will help. Not forgetting good coffee!


Continue reading ‘Andy’s Training Update’

March update


With around 11 weeks left until we set off on our 24hr jolly across the country I must admit that nerves are jangling!
Before I ramble on, I need to get some ‘thankyou’s’ sorted!! I must say a massive thanks to all that have donated so far. The Neonatal unit at the Hull Women and Children’s Hospital is close to many hearts and it’s great to see such great support for such a great place!
When we started this challenge and the ideas on how best to fundraise, how best to train and how best to approach the 24hrs were being talked about, I expected alot of disagreement, you put men and a map in the same room and trouble is sure to follow!! But… Things have gone fairly smoothly. We each have different approaches and we each train with differing attitudes and techniques but it is all toward the same goal and we all know that it will be a team effort that will see us reach Hornsea and complete the 210 miles in one piece. A big part of this No Sleep Till Hornsea team also includes our willing pit crew… 2 brave souls who will be our mechanics, our support drivers, our therapists, our nutritionists and giver of cuddles (emergency only). Again, thanks to Rick and Simon for agreeing to babysit us through the miles and going up against the 24hrs alongside us!
A new thank you this time… When (typed with all confidence) we reach Hornsea, our first aim will be to dive into some of East Yorkshires finest Fish n Chips, courtesy of Butterworth’s of Hornsea. Butterworth’s, on Cliff Road in Hornsea, have also agreed to take in donations and also they will donate a percentage of that days takings when we finish in Hornsea, how flippin great is that – another thing I’ve realized since the conception of the challenge, there are still wonderful people in this world!
Hull News: Lee and John have been hitting the gym hard for the last few weeks and also managed a swift ride out on part of the TPT the other night to test new kit, also to help get a familiarity with that killer last 10 miles. With a 20 mile ‘there and back’ ride done in around 2hrs and with an average of 10mph they are on target (just need to add another 200 miles!) Check Lee’s last update to find out how they’re approaching training and how the endurance machine is developing.

Bridlington News: Still plagued with endless colds and ploughing through the overtime at work, I’ve struggled to get meaningful hours in the saddle. Instead I’ve taken my time to really work on pedaling technique, getting rid of the squares and working on smoothing out the circles, throwing in some short sharp intervals on the turbo trainer whilst trying to maintain the circle has been really hard but worth it!! I’ve recently ditched ‘Endomondo’ in favour of ‘Strava’ and I can feel a new addiction coming on. My first test run on a cold and windy night earlier this week landed me 13th out 27 on a segment I didn’t even know was there… It’s now very much on!!! My training blocks have been thrown into disarray with these endless colds, but I’m back on it now and with (hopefully) some better weather around the corner I have a block of long slow base miles to catch up on and a chance to escape the roads and reacquaint myself with Yorkshire Mud… Only this time I can pedal!

To donate via text, enter the code Jkfb54 followed by the amount you want to donate. Jkfb54 £5 Send text to 70070 You can donate anything from 1 to 10 pounds

So not really been on the bike much over the past 2 months but been hitting the gym hard on average of 2 times a week.
5 am wake ups and at the gym for 6am. Been focusing on lots of different cardio so my body doesn’t get used to the same sort of training. I always spend a minimum of 5 mins on the exercise bike to warm up. I’ve been using the cross trainer, the treadmill and obviously the exercise bike (not quite a turbo trainer but it does the job). The great advantage of these machines is that you can select different programs to increase and decrease resistance throughout the program to simulate intervals. I always make sure i get a minimum of 30 mins on the bike doing either interval sprints of 1 min and 3 min steady pace, or i use one of the programs. I am also taking advantage of the vast selection of weights and machines available to use. This training includes, strengthening legs and lots of core work (no more back problems please). Been doing some great circuits using the bar bell doing different variations of olympic lifts (courtesy of a Mr Simon Powell), these circuits are great because its a full workout including, cardio, fat burning and muscle strengthening.
We were out on the bikes last night for a steady 30 mile ride around Hull. I have lost confidence in my tyres though so i am looking forward to getting some Schwalbe Marathon Plus on the bike.
Diet has been quite a bit of focus to. Ensuring that i am having 5 meals instead of 3 throughout the day. I am having plenty of fruit and veg throughout the day and drinking plenty of water. It’s also been a priority to ensure i have some source of protein with every meal. My meals normally consist of:

Porridge with either sweetener or syrup
Bran flakes with some seeds
Working Day – Anything sandwich (2 slices of bread) containing either tuna or chicken. Always with spinach.
2 portions of fruit
Low fat yoghurt
Energy Seed bar
This is eaten from a period of 10am to approx 2pm
Day off – Jacket Potato, tuna mayo salad
Omelette with salad
Anything from spag bol to a healthy sunday dinner. It is still important to look forward to a treat day every now and again otherwise i’d lose the plot lol.

So that’s a little about my training and diet. Hope its not been too boring.
Cheers everyone, Lee

When we start our 24hr ride in May, nutrition and how we feed our bodies will be as important as the mechanics of the bike and our physical/mental fitness. Each has to be in sync so we can concentrate on pedaling the 210 miles.
There are many personal preferences when it comes to ride nutrition and a plethora of products claiming pretty much the same thing, so which should we choose? Me and Lee have tried many brands and combinations of drinks, gels and bars in the past so we both know its important to find one that sits well on the stomach and is actually worth carrying. Experience has taught me to stick with what you know, but we took a risk… and it’s definitely paid off!
As 3 of us are now riding the 24 hours it seemed wise to go for a combination we could all use, a brand we could all trust and have the confidence that it would do a job. The search was on! As a keen follower of XC and Marathon MTB, I’ve seen many a Sponser athlete take top honours and with SponserUK supporting some of the most promising talent in the UK we decided that we should start there. A very reasonably priced (£17.50) and comprehensive sample pack landed and I used it as a great excuse for a ride. First comes the dilemma of which to try first from the massive selection of ‘stuff’. Should I go Hypotonic or Isotonic? Should i take a gel or a bar?
So, loaded with Sponser Competition sports drink in the Sponser bottle (which fits really well in the Mt Zoom carbon cage) and a gel in the back pocket I set off for the rolling Wolds and my favorite climbs. First thing that I noticed was how well it mixed and how subtle the taste of the Orange flavouring was, made a difference from the smack in the face hit of some. Being the Hypotonic drink, I wasn’t expecting it to power me over a great distance but i was surprised by the way it seemed to ‘pep’ me up, not in a ‘tea n 2’ kind of way but a definite reassurance that it would see me home from Bonksville. After an hour or so I reached for a gel and what I can only describe as possibly the single greatest idea since the dawn of the wheel. A double serving gel with… Wait for it… A lid!!! Yep, no more stashing rolled up, sticky bits of foil in the pocket to leak and gunk up everything. A toothpaste tube type flip cap keeps it neat and ready for the next splurge of light honey goodness – and it is goodness!
That was a few months back now and since then I’ve become, very much a Sponser convert. Fitting in training can be hard for alot of people and I found the easiest time for me was during the evening (when the kids are in bed). This meant that after harder efforts on the turbo or hill intervals (during the summer) I used to struggle with headaches in the morning, even after using ‘tabs’ to help hydrate during a workout. Since I’ve been using Sponser Competition, I’ve had ‘zero’ headaches, due impart (using an educated guess) to the glucose mix. After experimenting with differing amounts of the Competition drink I found it can be easily adjusted to suit the type of ride/training you do and I’m happy to say I’ve had no stomach cramps whilst using it. Add an extra scoop to go Isotonic for when you need the extra push to train after a busy day at work, or less if you’re doing your zone 1/2 work and just need something to wet the whistle. Again, with the gels you can, if your frugal (or from Yorkshire) get three gulps from the tube or if you’re blowing out your rear get the whole thing down in one squeeze.
If you want to try Sponser then the sample pack is a great place to start, just check out what you get!
•Competition, orange, 400g can (enough for 5-7 litres)
•Isotonic, red orange, 39g (one serving)
•Long Energy Competition, citrus, 60 g (one serving)
•High Energy Bar, apricot-vanilla, one 45g bar
•Protein Snack Bar, chocolate-caramel, one 50g bar
•Energy Plus Bar, cranberry, one 40g bar
•Liquid Energy, neutral, one 70g tube (2 servings)
•Liquid Energy Plus, neutral, one 70g tube (2 servings)
•Recovery Drink, strawberry-banana, 60g (one serving, of heaven)
•Sponser original water bottle, 750 ml

And don’t forget to use the code ‘BABY UNIT’ at the checkout and get 10% off. 10% of your order then goes to the Neonatal unit @ Hull Women and Children Hospital. Plus you get free postage and a limited T-Shirt when you spend over £50!
Thanks to all for the continued support!